Minggu, 22 Mei 2016

Mei 22, 2016
The organic and highly related traffic from the search engines has become almost too valuable and that has led to the situation, when the contents are overoptimized and the reader can easily see, that the keyword has dictated how the content is written. It seems, that the target groups are the search engines rather than the readers. However, this strategy can kill the internet home business, because the readers decide, what is good and useful, not the engines.

1. The Keywords Are Useful, No Doubt.

The keywords are useful, because the information seekers use them, when trying to find the needed information and when the search engines know this, they try to offer the information in the order, which best serves the searchers.

However, from the author point of view, the keywords, especially the long tail ones, are difficult, because it is a pain to locate them into the sentence without hurting the creativity. So an author must be a keyword artist and able to use the keywords so, that it does not hurt the content. The balance is needed.

2. The Panda Effect.

Google started to fight against the low quality content and the low quality link building by publishing Panda, i.e. a new algorithm, which has downgraded sites with the low quality content and link farms, like some article directories, which are full of low quality content, which has been submitted to there only to get links back to some site.

3. An Effective Way To Do SEO.

Google still measures the popularity of the site by tracking the quality and the number of links pointing back to the site. If the linking site has a high page rank, it gives more link juice. So the quality has got more weight to get the page high on the result page. The engines appreciate diversity in the link building. It is not wise to put all eggs into the same basket, even if it seems to work well.

4. Test New Tactics, But Dont Change Everything.

Google Panda is a good example about the algorithm change. The engines are changing the algorithms all the time, which means, that the linking strategy should include many ways. The new linking sites are important to test and the tracking is the way to bring the needed feedback.

5. Use Keywords, Which Include The Consumer Benefit.

There are keywords, which are really dull and keywords, which promise the benefits to the readers. People who know, what they are looking for use keywords, which desribe their needs better. A marketer must be more creative to pick the keywords to be able to find ones, which convert more effectively. When the keyword is chosen, a marketer can research the search engine result page to see, whether the other results from the right theme.

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